Annie Gillis

Annie Gillis and Family

Annie Gillis and Family

Annie is our office manager/legal assistant.

A personal note from Annie:

I am a Florida native and a graduate of Nature Coast Technical High School. Currently I live in Brooksville with my fiancé and our two children. I am a student at the Pasco Hernando State College’s paralegal program and looking forward to graduating in May 2015. Hurrah!!!!!

I am interested in photography and worked for PictureMe Portrait Studios in Brooksville specializing in child portraits, for three years. I am currently working for DIONNE M. BLAESING, PA but continue my photographic interests in my spare time… when I am not studying for college or taking care of children.

I met Dionne Blaesing, Esq while she was a adjunct professor at PHSC in the paralegal program. She taught my Family Law class. I was interested in working for a Criminal Defense firm but Dionne convinced me that a Family Law office would be more entertaining and better suited to my moral compass. I interned at her former partnership for my study requirement and worked at her partnership for years as the sole support employee. During my final year, I took my than new born baby boy with me to work each day but as his activity level increased, I left the firm.

Dionne started her own firm in November 2014 and she asked me to come on board. We agreed to try a new concept of office management that is working very well; sure a few glitches occur but our communication and our commitment to the new concept allows us to correct and modify when necessary. Essentially, I work from home. I answer the office telephone, I monitor all email communications, prepare documents, file documents and other chores made possible by the internet and cell phone technology. I go to the 5318 Lemon Street office usually once a week but that is flexible based on work issues and family issues. Our office is essentially paperless.

The advantage for me as a young mother is that I do not need daycare for two children and do not incur that expense. I do not incur both the time wasted and the cost of fuel to travel back and forth to the work site each day. Most importantly, I am with my young children enjoying them as they grow and mature and I am able to have adult time at least once weekly.

The new concept is an adventure in and of itself but Dionne and I both see it as the office format of the future. If you would like to know more about our adventure, please call me at our office number (727) 992-9114 which I will answer from where ever I am at the moment of your call!