Our Remote Office

On opening up my solo office in Nov 2014, Annie, my assistant, and I set out to create a new office form. We think that the innovative office is far more family friendly and should be the prototype for the office of the future. Young women entering the work force should not have to choose between having children or having a career. In these economic times, both parents usually need to work for wages and insurance.

The reality is that young women are not free to choose between children and wages; women are doing both. Whether the woman works at an entry level job with hours just short enough to miss benefits or at a career vocation, she usually has to shoulder the full time job of managing the home and caring for the children. The stress on mothers is enormous. I am sure you have your opinion on how children are faring n our society.

Annie works primarily at her home. We us cellar service to link the office telephone, answered by Annie, with my cell phone. We have a cloud based office system for our calendar, a secured document and task sharing program and a secured cloud based billing and banking system. The cost of these systems is well worth the cost. Because all court transactions and filings are now cloud based, our transition to similar office management only made sense. Annie does not have to pay child care costs, has minimal work related transportation costs, and is home to enjoy her children.

For my part, I have a quiet, stress reduced office which allows me to enjoy the practice of law. Annie comes into the office once weekly which gives her “adult” time and she copies mail and hard copies of client files. We catch up, review our tasks and enjoy each other’s company. It is a learning experience but our communication is open and productive to solving problems as they appear.

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