Animal and Pet Law: We Can Help

What is it anyway?

We represent you if your companion animal, horse, or wildlife under your control hurts another person, pet or property.
We represent you if an animal owned by someone else hurts you or your loved one (animal or human!) or your property.
We represent you if your pet is injured or harmed by a person, a neighbor, a veterinarian, trainer, groomer or professional.
We will represent your animal related business.
We represent your interest in zoning conflicts, or actions initiated by animal control agencies or other enforcement agencies in administrative disputes.

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We draft contracts for people who are selling, buying, breeding, co-owning or engaged in animal related business; the goal is to prevent misunderstandings which lead to a civil dispute.

What is a civil dispute?

A civil dispute occurs when one person, the complainant, threatens or sues
another person or organization for alleged injury or harm done to him/her. An
animal law civil dispute may involve:

  1. Animal Bites
  2. Neighborhood disputes dealing with animals
  3. Veterinary/ groomer/ boarding kennel malpractice
  4. Animal Registry disputes

Ozzie the Cat
What is an administrative dispute?

When the law demands that animal owners control, license, house, use and/or sell
their pets and livestock according to rules and regulations, the governing authority
may impose penalties for noncompliance. Examples are:

  1. Dangerous Dog Statute
  2. Pet Lemon Law
  3. Animal Control Defense
  4. Zoning Dispute
  5. Equine Activities Act
  6. Fair Housing Act

What kind of preventive measures are available?

  1. Equine Activities
  2. BAD DOG sign
  3. Barn Contract
  4. Breed/Pet Contracts
  5. Pet Purchase Agreements
  6. Consultation for pet related business and professionals to avoid pitfalls resulting in litigation

We would be delighted to speak FREE OF CHARGE to an audience at your pet or livestock club and organization by appointment.

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