Family Law: Protect Your Loved Ones

Traditional and Non Traditional Family Law

Our firm has over 20 years experience in the practice of family law both for traditional and nontraditional families.

By the term “traditional family law” we refer to legal issues arising between a husband and wife and their children. The Florida legislature has set statutory ground rules to resolve most of the conflicts that arise in a traditional family. Examples of such conflicts include divorce, child support, shared parental responsibility, time sharing/parenting time, paternity, enforcement of marital settlement agreement and/or court orders, and domestic violence or repeat violence injunctions.

By the term “nontraditional family law” we refer to disputes between gay couples, lesbian couples, adult children living with an elderly parent, or folks living together who have not married pursuant to the laws of Florida. Often these relationships involve minor children. Because Florida law does not recognize current “common law marriage” or unions between same sex partners, ground rules for resolution of these disputes are more problematic. None the less, these relationships which are often long term emotionally and financially require distributions of real and personal property, as well as asset and debt allocation. If minor children are involved, the problems are even more complex.

Our firm has a strong commitment to representing our clients with the utmost confidentiality and respect for privacy because of the close knit community in which we all live. We are committed to representing the best interests of our clients and the children of this community whether by litigation or effective collaborative resolution and settlement.

We offer a reduced price consultation to discuss the facts of your particular situation and to inform you of the laws which impact your issue. We find so often that folks obtain their family law education at the hair salon or gym. Because it is possible to “do your own” divorce and because of paralegal companies offering “cheap solutions,” many people do not obtain counsel by a licensed Florida attorney only to regret that decision later on because all issues were not addressed in the Final Judgment.

Family law matters are usually highly charged and emotionally draining. Please seek competent legal counsel before you act in haste.