Welcome to Our Firm

Our firm policy is based on a service model. I have practiced for 21 years in my
community and my reputation is one of competency and fairness.

I consider myself in a partnership with my client, counseling to try to avert unfortunate
legal problems if possible and representing the best interest of my client by negotiation or
litigation as is necessary. The attorney- client partnership is based on mutual communication, the
goals of the client, the realistic evaluation of available legal remedies and on a frank cost benefit

My support staff, Annie Gillis, works primarily from home because she is raising two
young boys. She answers the firm telephone, does all the support services as would an on site
assistant. Our firm is paperless which allows me to work in a quiet environment and allows her
to function both as a working professional and a mother. Our firm values the person, family,
small business and pets.

Yes I said pets. My pre law school background is in the veterinary sciences. My passion
from childhood has been the care and protection of animals domestic and wild. Apparently this is
a gene problem because it occurs throughout my family. I handle all manner of animal related
cases and issues (see Paw Law page and my bio page for more information). Interesting pets
often show up in my waiting room. If it is anything scary, we will warn our new consultation
clients before they come in the door. Only kidding.

We also believe in community service; I serve as Treasurer of the Board of Directors for
Bay Area Legal Services, as Guardian ad litem for children in domestic issues on appointment by
the Court, and I am available to speak to formal or casual groups such as breed groups, equine
groups, folks interested in pet rescue, parent groups, GLTG groups, or church groups at no
charge. If you are interested, please call Annie at (727) 992-9114 to schedule a speaking

Looking forward to talking with you soon.

Dionne M. Blaesing, P.A.